About Me

I wasn’t destined for greatness. I wasn’t some child genius or born into a wealthy family. I was just an average kid, born into an average family. Everything quickly changed however, when my dad passed away when I was only 6 years old. From then on, it was just me and my mom against the world. So, she picked up the pieces and went back to school, and I finished grade school in the top of my class.

But as I started my journey through college and working full time flipping burgers, I couldn’t help but feel there was more to life than this. Go to School, Get a Job, and then work until you die. After a few months, I made up my mind; I refused to follow the path society had laid out for me. I refused to be average. And with that, I got to work.

In 2015 when I was just 18 years old, I launched my first company, JB Accessories. Just a few short months after that, I decided to drop out of college and pursue my dream full time. While everyone else my age was studying in school and getting degrees, I was busy learning as much as I could about business management and leadership.

Present day? I own and oversee a handful of companies, both online and offline. In addition to running these brands, I’m also Chief Creative Officer and Partner of Renegades Media, a conglomerate focused on supporting small business growth. I also host a weekly podcast where I discuss my story and general entrepreneurial advice

But the point of all of this is; If an average kid from the middle of nowhere can accomplish all this, what’s stopping you?

Josh Blackwelder

My Companies

Enclave Digital

Web Design agency launched in 2021, that specializes in designing and managing websites for small businesses and start up companies.

VSR Products

Wholesale R/C Racing Hardware Business that was acquired by JB Enterprises in 2019. Supplies private label products to 300+ hobby stores in the United States.

Onyx Branding

E-Commerce Design agency launched in 2021. Partners with Shopify stores and develops custom developed storefronts to increase sales.

Apollo Accessories

Men's fashion brand launched in 2020. Sells bracelets, necklaces, and other men's fashion accessories.


In late 2019, by random luck, I came into contact with another entrepreneur in the Charlotte area by the name of Andrew Puckett. After grabbing coffee and chatting, I instantly knew I wanted to go into business with him.

After on and off connections in 2020, the time came where we decided to collaborate on a project together. A simple project for a local business, the results we delivered were remarkable, and we both knew at that point it was time to partner on something big.

It was during this time I also met Devyn Green; a friend of Andrew’s and an experienced entrepreneur. Together, we combined our forces to launch a company that best described us; Renegades.

Renegades is a conglomerate of various partnerships and brands, all focusing on creating a better world for all who inhabit it. Every aspect of our company is focused on bringing out the potential of every person we associate with.

As CDO (Chief Design Officer) of Renegades, my day to day consists of managing the creative team, approving designs, and creating the visuals for world-class brands.

Josh Blackwelder Renegades

My Mission

In a world dominated by greed and the insatiable desire for more, my main goal has always been to build a company that operated differently than the others. Instead of bleeding my employees dry from long hours of work, and manufacturing cheap products or services solely to make a profit, my goal is different.

My goal with JB Enterprises, is to create a revolutionized corporate group that focuses on benefiting both workers and leaders, focusing on improving lives over improving profits.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. And if you work for one of my companies, my main priority is just that.

My Mission: To create a revolutionized corporate group that focuses on benefiting both workers and leaders, focusing on improving lives over improving profits.

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