Frequently Asked Questions.

The Jumpstart Program is a consulting program for entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and advice when it comes to running their business. The program consists of weekly or bi-weekly meetings, where we spend time covering every aspect of your business. What’s going well and how to capitalize on it, what’s not working and needs to be eliminated; these are just a few of the many aspects Jumpstart covers.

In addition to business consulting, you will be given recommendations to various books, strategies, and other resources that will help you maximize your potential in your entrepreneur journey.

Everyone has a different opinion. Some think it’s a waste of money. I used to think this way, but in 2019 I finally gave it a chance, and found a mentor. It changed my entire life, and helped catapult my businesses into the successes they are today. If you find yourself constantly unsure of what to do next, or completely lost in your current business, I’m here to help. That’s why to give you a no obligation trial for Jumpstart, your first call is absolutely free.

Every call starts with a general overview of everything that happened since our last meeting. Whatever is pressing on your mind, burning questions, and anything else will be covered here. Once you’ve gone through your list, we’ll dive more into specifics. Growth opportunities, sales numbers, etc. Finally, each meeting is finished up by recommendations on what actions to take, resources to use, and what should be accomplished by our next meeting.

Again, since this program is based off of YOUR goals, there is no cookie-cutter format for calls. Based on your objectives, anything is on the table.

More often than not, starting a company costs a lot of money. That’s why I price my consulting very reasonably; I’d rather see you invest more money into your business than into mine. For Bi-Weekly Calls, the Program costs $79 / Month. For weekly calls, the Program costs $109 / Month.

Your first call is 100% Free, that way you can judge for yourself whether you’d like to continue. There are also no contracts or obligations; billing is done month to month.

You absolutely can! The Jumpstart Podcast is free for anyone to listen to. However, I can only give general information on the podcast, because I don’t know your specific goals and aspirations. The Jumpstart Program is for entrepreneurs who want One-on-One consulting on their specific business.

A lot of coaches I see online cater to hundreds of thousands of people. Because of this, they can’t humanly develop a plan and give advice to every single person. This leads to cookie-cutter programs, where everyone gets the same material.

I only mentor a handful of people at a time, as I’d rather give a few people a high quality service rather than giving hundreds of people a low quality service.

Being part of Jumpstart means I’m in your corner 100% of the time.