I have never been really big into meditation or sitting a quiet room and just thinking. As someone who is constantly on the go, hopping from project to project to lunch meeting to family dinner, I find it hard to just stop. After all, time doesn’t stop for us. Each second that ticks away is […]

Purpose & Pain.

No one enjoys being in pain. Sure, there are the random outliers who thrive off of constantly subjecting their bodies to extensive stress and turmoil (I’m looking at you David Goggins). But for the rest of us relatively sane individuals, we do our best to actively avoid pain as much as possible. Some examples include […]

Bad Influence(rs).

If you’re somewhat tech-savvy, you probably have heard the term “Influencer” before. There are lots of other names for these individuals, but Influencer is the general term for someone who’s career primarily involves creating social media content for their followers, and get paid to do so via sponsorships and other endorsements. Inherently, there’s nothing with […]

On The Ropes.

One of my main goals with my personal brand is to showcase a real, authentic look at running a business as a young adult. The “Young Entrepreneur” market is on fire right now, but while the flashy cars and six figure salaries might be alluring, these influencers almost always fail to showcase what it really […]

The Invisible Line.

Want to know my greatest weakness? Yes, even I myself am not perfect. Even though I am a creature of familiarity and routine, forming new habits is one of the most challenging things I face. And as both an entrepreneur and someone working hard to improve my life and the lives around me, having good […]

Enjoy The Moment.

We live in a “What’s Next” Society. By that, I mean most of us are so focused on what’s coming next in life, that we fail to live in the moment and appreciate what we are currently blessed with. Funny enough, the things we pray and hope for end up happening, but we’re too busy […]

Mercenary Work.

While we often ponder why we’re here and what our purpose in life is, there is one constant in the journey of life; Money. It’s how we purchase food to eat, shelter to live in, gifts for our loved ones, and anything else you can think of. The concept of currency has been traced as […]

The Real Grind.

Ever since I started my first business, I dreamed of the day I could work for myself full time. You hear it in ads all the time; The main selling point of all the Tai Lopez knockoff courses. That you can “Start your own Six Figure Business” and “Escape the dreaded, soul draining 9-5 job.” […]

Leave The Herd.

Preface to this article: Last week, I lost somewhere around $3,500 in the Stock Market. Mainly on GameStop Stocks. In my last post, I talked about how GameStop stock was on the rise, and how everyone investing in it was against the billionaires on Wall Street. And for a few days last week, it looked […]

More Than Money.

At the time of writing this, we’re witnessing one of the greatest fluctuations of wealth in most of our lifetimes. What started as a inside joke between a handful of traders on Reddit, has quickly evolved into a full out war against the Wall Street elites in the span of 5 days. Hedge funds are […]